What’s Simultaneous Interpretation (SI)

 Simultaneous Interpretion and Consecutive Interpretion is usually used in large scale international conference. For Simultaneous Interpretion (SI), it is that the interpreters translate one language into another or different languages by simultaneous equipment, which two or three interpreters are a group and translate by turns for 15-20 minutes. We can provide Chinese – English, Chinese – Japanese, Chinese – Korea, Chinese – French, Chinese – German, Chinese Russian and Chinese - Arabic simultaneous interpretation now.
How BTI to Choose the Qualified SI? 
BTI has its unique experience and severe standard in arranging interperters. Some standards are as follows:
1\ Good command of the native language with Master degree of foreign laguage; fluent both in   Chinese and foreign language;
2\ At least three- five years of interpretation experience in international conference;
3\ Have the experience or know something to the industry or conference theme;
4\ Good team cooperation spirit;
5\ Good professional ethics.  

Other Services Provided:


1\ Translation of conference materials, such as PPT or PDF of speakers;

2\ Simultaneous equipment;

3\ AV equipment;

4\ Shorthanding;

5\ Recording;

6\ Plan & making the background board of the conference etc.